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Google Assistant Lets Users Subscribe to Daily Reminders

Google Assistant on both iOS and Android has a new feature that lets its users subscribe to daily reminders.Using Google Assistant, subscriptions can be set up for things like daily weather updates, or a funny video to kick off the day with.Simply utter a command such as “send me weather every day,” and the Assistant will prompt you to select a time of day to receive the update.Tap on your...

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The Complete Guide to Test Your AMP Pages

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages – simply known as AMP – to make mobile web browsing faster.AMP allows you to rank higher in the mobile search results. However, only valid AMP pages are eligible to be displayed in the search results.Proper AMP testing is extremely crucial in order to remove any errors or warnings and get your pages indexed by Google.This guide will help you to understand the types of AMP errors...

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