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mod_vvisit_counter Revised

mod_vvisit_counter RevisedVinaora Visitors Counter Revised and Extended

Changes in new Version 1.9.10:

* New: Can Send a Notification-EMail by a Counter-Trigger
* New: Can use Cookies ( avoid AOL Reverse Proxy Problem )
* New: Can Filter by Usertype : Guests/Members
* New: Show Date From-To on MouseOver
* Change: Update IP2Country DB ( read Update-Manual )

Changes in new Version 1.9.9:

* New: Flag Hongkong
* New: Week Start configurable
* Change: Performance AutoTranslate

Changes in new Version 1.9.8:


* New: Language Files for English and German
* New: Feature Autotranslate Client Texts. You can set to try autotranlate the Texts in Client Language. Example: Today is show in English-Browser as “Today” and in German-Browser as “Heute”.

Changes in new Version 1.9.7 (low severity):
* Fix: if Server Log ist set to Maximum, you saw some Messages
* Project is now Part of called VVisit_Counter

Changes in new Version 1.9.6:
* New: AutoFilter Robots helps you to filter Robots and let the Filter UserAgents List small.
* Update: little Performance improvement if you use the Counter as a Hit-Counter ( locktime less or equal 0 )

( the PHP4 Patch ist also avaibale )

Changes in new Version 1.9.5:
* New: It can now be selected when a user, or more precisely an IP, will be counted as new. It can be daily or after the expiry Locktime to choose from. For a daily user (IP) only counted once a day, at Locktime as usual after the end of the set minutes.
* Update: The IP-to-country version of the database in February 29, 2009. Remember the instructions below if they “upgrade” your counter and makes the new IP want to restore the database.

( the PHP4 Patch ist also avaibale )

Changes in new Version 1.9.4:
* Quick Fix: if Initialvalue > Records only one row is stored
( Today, etc will ever be 1, All works fine )
* new Flag to FO – Faeroer Island

Changes in new Version 1.9.3:
you can show Country-Code, Country-Name and Country-Flagg

In search of a counter for my site, I found the Module Vinaora
mod_vvisit_counter. Since I still had a few requests, I have this further.
The changes I have on the homepage of the modules are made known,
unfortunately there but no one responded to more questions. Since I send
you my changes to be carried out, I put my version made available here.

You can customize the Counter how you want
You have same new View’s

more counter-Styles or make your own Style
CounterDigit View Extented
Counter can be Readonly and more
all Views can be disabled
all Views can be styled with CSS
each Counter can have own Datatable
new IP-View
new Statistik View
Set View Order
Can Save UserAgents
Can Filter UserAgents
Can Filter IPs
Performance Issues
PHP4 or PHP5

This is a short Description because the JED Rules (all text’s in English ). Have a deepe