Mooj Proforms

Mooj Proforms

This is the follow up of Mad4Joomla Mailforms with endless new features and much improved usability.
Proforms is a very easy to use Joomla component for creating forms with extensive professional functions. Proforms is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.


* Layout System
* A form can have multiple form templates
* Database Support with CSV export and search function.
* PayPal Support (simple)
* 5 selectable Captcha techniques, including reCaptcha
* Spam Traps and sending time review
* SEF Support
* Confirmation email to the sender (never, ever, or at the request)
* User credentials are sent in emails (now also data from registered users). Can be turned off..
* Separate thank-you text or redirection after sending possible.
* Native code (HTML or JavaScript) is possible at the end of the form. E.g. Google Analytics or Google Conversion Tracking. There can be two different codes entered for the form and the page after sending .
* Fieldsets and legends are possible now.
* Set of questions and answers (fields) can be ordered now one below the other.
* Custom HTML code between the form fields is possible.
* Password fields.
* New preview function.
* Each template can have a unique email address to allow confirmation mail.
* Validation of input fields.
* JavaScript Form Validation (Can be disabled)
* Title display can be switched off
* Display of the pseudo-category “without category” can be switched off.
* Width of the Admin workspace is adjustable.
* Proform’s own CSS is editable and storable directly in the backend.
* Time-limited access to the helpdesk server.

Mailforms used to have some annoying small bugs. We fixed those bugs in Proforms.

XHTML and CSS certified | By using reCaptcha no more problems with the display of the security code. | Some calendar languages repaired | Balloontip was reprogrammed. | Improved compatibility of the file upload function. – Yes/No answers used to be sent as 1/0. Now they’ll be sent as yes or no. | It’s no longer possible to create a form when no previous template was created. | Multiple emails used to be only separatable by semicolons, now they can be also separated with a comma. | No more error prompts at the maximum error reporting level. | Reset button installed. | Configuration is no longer stored on the server, but in the database. | Generally better server compatibility by using more native Joomla funcitons.

2010/02/25 – V 1.0(Build 103p)
The plugin is available via Proform’s Helpdesk Server.
It enables to create multi language form bundles and multi language form category bundles.

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