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Mosets Hot Property

mosets hot propertyMosets Hot Property makes it easy to showcase your best properties whether you’re a real estate broker, travel agent, automobile salesperson, painter or publisher. Whatever hot property you’re selling, Mosets Hot Property gives you the tools to list and manage it all with ease within your Joomla! website.

The formal definition of property is something owned and an intangible or tangible possession owned by someone. Mosets Hot Property is used to organize websites offering real property, vacation rentals, auto sales, DVD, books and more for sale. Moset Hot Property is an effective way to manage your properties while using the open source Web Content Management System Joomla!

Mosets Hot Property stands out from other systems because it was developed based on studies of online real estate management systems and the people who use them feel. The products are developed based on actual feedback from users. Hot Property is a breeze to get started because it is made as a Joomla! extension.

Consider some of the features that make Hot Property perfect for your online sales needs. You easily manage properties on the web with no special skills or expertise. Have all your real estate, DVDs or cars well-organized for a stellar presentation to new and former clients.

Adding new properties or products is a cinch. In a single click of a button, you an publish and showcase your latest offerings. Add that fabulous new mansion for sale before anyone else or include a latest bestseller on your website ahead of the competition. Unlimited custom fields mean you add all the information you want along with an unlimited number of properties.

Visitors find exactly what they need with an advanced search engine. Instead of looking around endlessly then surfing off to the competition, visitors simply search for what they want. Mosets Hot Property is also search engine optimized to drive more traffic to your website. When the search engines recognize you, more people come to check out your offerings.

Another user-friendly feature is the ability to recommend property to a friend. Often friends and family help each other when finding a new home. Anyone can peruse your website at their convenience and share your listings with other interested people. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to advertise.

Users also appreciate the ability to save property information as a PDF file. This helps visitors organize the information collected from your website to reference it later. User can also print each property listing. In-house users have the advantage of individual agent login. Each agent at a real estate broker’s office can login to add their latest property listings so no time is wasted.

Language support allows you to serve customers from all over the world. Languages supported by Mosets Hot Property include Danish, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, Greek, German Formal, Spanish, Bulgarian and Portuguese. Change your layout easily with CSS-based design so you can accommodate an international market.

Other features Mosets Hot Property users find helpful include the caching system, META TAG support, the report generating tool and the ability to showcase a featured property. If you want to get the word out about your hot properties, Mosets Hot Property is the way to go.

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