Mozy – Remote Backup Service

Mozy – Remote Backup Service

MozyMozy addresses backup, a crucial issue for all computer users. Whether we use computers at home or for work, a mountain of important data could be lost if the hard drive crashes. Mozy is a simple, safe and affordable way for individuals and business to get the backup job done.

According to current statistics, one in every ten hard drives will fail. It can cost up to $7,500 or even more to restore a hard drive. Worst of all, success in restoring a hard drive can never be guaranteed. Imagine losing financial documents, legal contracts, personal photos, favorite music and more because of a a hard drive crash. Certain docs and pictures are invaluable or irreplaceable. Mozy makes it possible to backup your hard drive without all the hassles.

In days gone by, you needed to remember to burn a CD or DVD every week or two then trying to find a place to store all the discs. Dismal alternatives included paying serious cash for online backup services or external drives. None of these solutions were convenient or completely reliable. Mozy stores a copy of your data in a remote, secure location for safekeeping. If a disaster occurs, you can still retrieve that essential data.

Mozy Home gives home users access to the MozyHome software. The process is quick, easy and there are step-by-step instructions to get you through the process. Mozy downloads in seconds with fast installation. You select the files or types of files you want to backup and let Mozy do the rest for you.

Mozy backs up documents whether they are open or closed. You feel secure because Mozy uses 128-bit SSL encryption to secure your data, just like banks. In storage, your files enjoy 448-bit Blowfish encryption for peace of mind from hackers. Mozy detects file changes, even small ones, and save them. You can schedule automatic times for Mozy to do backup. Mozy backs up Outlook files for completely disaster-proof email protection.

Once the initial backup is completed by Mozy, future backups are lightening fast. Block level incremental backup means Mozy knows to only back up files that were added or changed which makes subsequent backups a breeze.

MozyPro addresses business backup needs. It is crucial for most business to maintain backup files. Certain businesses are required by law to keep particular files. A hard drive crash could cost a business endless time, money and aggravation. With shrinking budgets and minimal resources, businesses are looking for ways to accomplish more and spend less.

Currently digital data is growing at an estimated rate of 80 percent. Add to that the fact 140,00 hard drives crash weekly in the US, and it’s easy to see why MozyPro is a must-have for businesses. Often traditional backup solutions are pricey and take weeks or even months to implement. In the meantime, your business remains vulnerable to lost productivity and revenue. MozyPro offers an expansive feature set at a reasonable price for a secure, simple backup solution. Currently MozyPro is the trusted backup solution for over 40,000 businesses.

Whether you use a computer for personal or business reasons, Mozy has your backup covered.