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MyRemote Video Gallery

MyRemote Video Gallery is the most Powerful Video Extension made for Joomla 1.5x which will allow you to transform your Website into a professional looking Video Gallery with functionality that is similar to MyRemote Video Gallery is an open source (GNU GPL) video sharing Joomla extension has been created specifically for the Joomla 1.5x (MVC) Framework and can not be used without Joomla.

MyRemote Video Gallery gives you the option to Embed Videos from Youtube and offers the Framework so you can create your own Remote Plugins for other Remote Servers like Dailymotion, Google Video, Vimeo,, Clipser, Revver, a which will allow you to run your site for low cost since all the bandwidth usage and hard drive space is located on the video server sites. So if you already have a large library of Videos on some Remote Sites like you can build the Video Part of your Site Very Quickly.

Frontend Main Features
* CSS Based Templates To Match Your Joomla Site
* Users can upload videos from their own computers using Flash Uploader
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support From Frontend
* Videos are organized and displayed into YouTube Style video gallery
* Frontend appearance can be changed using Template Plugins
* List Videos By Newest, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, Featured
* Detailed Category Listing System
* Users Can Rate Videos
* Users Can Comment About Video Integration Framework
* Multi-language support
* Module Support For Newest, Featured, Highest Rated, Most Viewed Videos
* Options For Custom Module Position In The Component With Power to Adjust the Width and Size Making Your Layout Unique

Backend Main Features
* Add, Delete And Edit Categories/SubCategories
* Third-Party Remote Video Plugin Support Framework
* JW Player Intergration And Skin Support
* Manage Video lists and Edit facilities
* Manage Category lists and Edit facilities
* MyRemote Tube can run on a Server without FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP and you can manually add the thumbnails.