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MySMSUpdate: [ 11.04.2010 ]

MySMS is standing for “Simple sms component” for Joomla. The MySMS component is now available for Joomla 1.0.x ( ) and for Joomla 1.5.x series ( use ).

This component supports following sms gateway provider today: w2sms, teleword, smskaufen, smscreator, sms77, sms4credits, mobilant, mesmo, clickatell, aspsms, nohnoh, mexado, innosend, suresms,compaya and hardwired, mobilenl, sloono, smsat and wannfind, agiletelecom, smsviainternet, infobip, at&t, smscom, coolsms, smsglobal, aruhat, massenversand, smstrade.

The component has a phone book and a archiv implemented. You can setup a sms limit for each user in backend.

It is also possible to setup advertisment messages for all sent sms, simply in the backend.

If you got trouble with the zip file, you can access the public svn:

svn co svn://

Documentation is in english language, please have a look here:

Demo installation:

(read full article on source site)
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