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16 Crucial Alexa Skills For Marketers

A majority of Alexa owners user their device to help them cook, check the weather, schedule alarms and control smart home devices, but as more companies and personalities invest in Alexa Skill production, marketers are beginning to reap the benefits. To help you hack your mornings and learn something new during those quiet moments in your home, here are sixteen awesome Alexa Skills for marketers. Marketing and branding...

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Will Natural Language Processing Change Search as We Know It?

Advances in natural language processing and semantic search hold promises for enterprise search, but can we call it AI? PHOTO: Mar Newhall on unsplash All around us, Siri, Alexa, Google Home and more are incorporating natural language conversations between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) into our everyday interactions. The same digital revolution is happening in today’s workplace, with Natural Language Processing (NLP) along with semantic search playing...

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Workplace Chatbots: Too Little, Too Soon?

Chatbots promise to deliver efficiencies and improvements in the workplace, but are we ready for them? PHOTO: Owen Miller on unsplash “The reaction to ELIZA showed me the enormously exaggerated attributions an audience is capable of making to a technology it does not understand” — MIT professor emiritus Joseph Weizenbaum on the first chatbot created in 1964 Workplace chatbots promise to lighten employees' repetitive tasks and...

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