Netlify 1.0 Launched, More Open Source News

Netlify 1.0 Launched, More Open Source News

James Sutton

On Dec. 7, 2017, Netlify announced its open source Netlify CMS project had hit version 1.0, boasting a fully-redesigned UI, a new media library and identity management.

Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify, told CMSWire Netlify 1.0, “provides an open source alternative to the rising number of proprietary headless CMS offerings that enable how developers actually work today — in Git and increasingly decoupling the front and back end.”

According to Billmann, Netlify’s feature set can be summarized as:

  • Netlify won’t dictate your workflow or toolchain. Users can use their preferred build tool, static site generator, CDN and Git…

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