New Interactive Online Widget

New Interactive Online Widget

widget widgetboxStaying updated is easier than ever with the new Interactive Online widget. Go anywhere we go with web widgets. These mini, portable applications are added to any web page to offer dynamic content to a wide range of users across the web.  One of the leading self-service web widget platforms is Widgetbox. These powerful tools make it possible for millions of people to create, express, inform and connect using web widgets. Useful, simple and fun applications are embedded on a blog or webpage to offer the latest content on the web. Creating, serving, tracking and managing widgets is based on the services and content on your site.

Currently Widgetbox serves Interactive Online and millions of widgets per day to reach tens of millions of Internet users. Widgets can run on multiple products and sites, anywhere on the Web. Use widgets to reach new users, drive targeted traffic back to your website and extend the reach of your services and content to sites across the web.

Interactive Online widgets offers the latest industry news. Your website or blog can have its own widget. It’s easy to install widgets on any social network, personal website or blogging site. At this time, the only major blogging platform that does not support Widgetbox widgets is WordPress. Otherwise, you just choose the “Get Widget Code” option to cut and past the code into a site supporting Javascript or Flash.

Widgets are as easy to delete as they are to install. If you want to get rid of a particular widget, you delete the code you inserted. When the entire code is deleted, the widget disappears. To see widgets, Javascript should be enabled.

To develop and browse on Widgetbox, a modern web browser with Adobe Flash enabled (9 or later) and Javascript is required. Browsers supported by Widgetbox include Safari 2 and 3 (Mac, Windows), Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Windows) and Firefox 2 and 3 (Mac, Windows, Linux). Widgetbox does not support Internet Explorer 5 for Mac or Windows. They recommend users choose Safari 3 or Firefox 3 to get the best possible Widgetbox experience. Widgets must be installed somewhere through HTML supporting Javascript or Flash.

Widgets improve the appearance and function of web applications. In just a few minutes, widgets are implemented to enhance the overall user experience. Web pages with tabs are easy to navigate so users can go from section to section effortlessly. Adding widgets to a blog provides fresh content on an ongoing basis.

Interactive Online is proud to add online widgets to our blog to offer even more updated content about the latest industry happenings. Any time of the day or night, find recent facts and posts about web hosting industry at the Interactive Online blog.

Bring the same level of service and quality content to your own blog by adding Widgetbox widgets. Based on the products and services you offer, providing updated relevant content to your blog will attract a stream of targeted traffic.