New Year’s Resolutions For Webpreneurs

New Year’s Resolutions For Webpreneurs

As a webpreneur, you are likely to have a long list of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of trying to accomplish 100 things during 2009, streamline your list so goals are more attainable. Consider these New Year’s resolutions for optimum success:

Use A Green Web Hosting Company

Everyone wants to go green and do something for the environment. As a webpreneur, you probably spend a dozen hours in front of the computer everyday. Instead of setting lofty goals you don’t have time to accomplish, choose a green web hosting company. You will be supporting renewable energy without taking time away from your day to do it. Green web hosting services are reliable, sustainable and a great way to feel good about yourself. It is also an excellent marketing tool for your business when you let everyone know you support green web hosting.

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Get A Spam Filter

Spam consumes our day. In fact, more than half the emails received worldwide are spam correspondence. Get a hosted spam filter to get rid of these unwanted distractions. You can gain up to an hour or more daily when you eliminate spam from your workday. While you are thinking of online security, make sure your website has an updated SSL certificate so customers feel secure.

Revamp Your Website

Did you update your WordPress blog or are you still using yesterday’s technology? Does your website look the same as it did three years ago? If so, it’s time to update your website so you can compete in a constantly growing and changing marketplace. A tired old website design may even discourage new customers from doing business with you because they feel you are not progressive.

Review Your Marketing Plan

At the end of the year, review your marketing plan to determine what works and what doesn’t. Stick with what works and find new ways to generate business. Every three months, update your marketing plan so you always have a fresh approach.

Have Fun

When you have fun and enjoy your work, the feeling is contagious. Everyone wants to have a good time so why not add a whimsical, personal touch to your website? Remember, it’s your business so it can be almost anything you want.

When you approach your business with simple, tangible goals, success is inevitable. Happy New Year 2009 – we wish you a healthy, prosperous year!