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NiftyBoxThis plugin gives you the ability to easily add beautiful rounded corner box (niftybox) and multiple columns (niftycolumn) for a block of text with only CSS – no extra images at all! The box is useful for displaying quotes, stylish rounded box and creating multiple columns in your content. e.g: {niftybox background=ivory,textcolor=maroon,float=right} This is a sample of nifty box {/niftybox}

* Note: We’ve tested this with several layout templates and the NiftyColumn is known not to work with the default rhuk_solarflare_ii template that is shipped by default in Joomla. However, NiftyBox works fine in all cases.

* Please use our forum to report bug instead of e-mail to prevent duplicate efforts. Forum:

* VERSION History:
v1.04 (Oct 2009): Release for Joomla 1.5
v1.03 maintenance (Oct 4, 2007): minor fix release for displaying multiple CSS link in HEAD tag. Fixed CSS clear:left/right/both for individual niftybox when you specify float position
v1.02: fixed the linebreak inside {niftybox} and {niftycolumn} bug. Fixed all issues specified in the comments below. Please see the demo URL.
v1.01BETA: removed Javascript completely, added border options, fixed MSIE, new visual color guide (compatible with most major browsers). Tested with Opera, Firefox, Seamonkey, MSIE 6.
v1.0BETA: fix MSIE 6 and 7 rendering