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Ninja Site Styler

Remotely Update Joomla, Remove the uncompressed default Mootools or replace it with a compressed version, add sifr to your site, add custom code or files to your site header, add icons to links and more.

All this on an unlimited number of sites for only $5!

Ninja Site Styler is undoubtedly an essential extension for any Joomla 1.5 site.

This revolutionary extension allows you greater control over your site than ever before. Contrary to the name, Ninja Site Styler can help with many aspects of your site and not just styling.

Ninja Site Styler currently contains the features below, and we have many more planned.

* Get performance increases by replacing or removing the uncompressed Mootools Javascript files included with Joomla 1.5 if you want
* Perform remote, one-click updates of the Joomla 1.5 core code. No more manually processing Joomla patches!
* Add sIFR effortlessly to your site for advanced, flash based styling of headers and links. With over 25 parameters to control your sIFR.
* Upload and add JavaScript, CSS and PHP scripts to the header of your site all from within the component, and with XHTML standards compliant code.
* Write your own JavaScript, CSS or PHP code, and have the component add it all to the header of your site, again with XHTML standards compliant code.
* Perform redirects from any page of your site to anywhere else on your site, or even elsewhere on the web.
* Add icons to your site links, indicating to your users the file type of the URL target.
* Incorporate a PNG background transparency fix for IE6 into your site if you wish.
* Add a warning message for IE6 users, suggesting that they update their browser.

*** NEW IN 1.0.3b ***

* Activate IE8 Compatibility mode if required to preserve your site’s appearance.
* Remove any Javascript or CSS files from your site’s header
* Replace or remove the “generator” metadata from your site
* Append or prepend the sitename to the title on every page of your site for improved SEO
* Insert your Google Verification Key into your site automatically.
* Improve site security by blocking the tp=1 command that displays your site’s module positions

On top of this, our exclusive execution rule engine allows you to decide exactly which pages and for which users these styling features are executed. You can choose from:

* Selected or all Content pages.
* Selected or all component pages.
* Selected user groups.
* 8 different browers, including iPhones and Chrome.
* Include or exclude specific users.
* If AEC subscription manager is installed, AEC subscriptions.

On top of all this is a built in file management screen allowing you to upload your own sIFR fonts, JavaScript, CSS or PHP files without leaving the component interface.

All of this together makes Ninja Site Styler a unique and unmatched extension for enhancing your site.

This extension is for Silver a