Open Source VirtueMart Google Checkout

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Open Source VirtueMart Google Checkout

With this Google Checkout module, you can process your order payment like the way you use Paypal, but you can save a lot of your transaction fees and gain customers’ trust, simply because customers trust Google!

* After you buy the software, you can use it on Unlimited websites FOREVER (INDEFINITELY)
* You can download all upgrades within 1 year.
* You can receive our support within 1 year.


Licence: GPL V2 – Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

1.0 Beta 2 Features

1. Easy installation: with our updater component, the installation of this module in VirtueMart is easy!
2. 1.0 Beta 2 added a self form submission function which automatically shows the Google Checkout window when the user confirm the order.
3. Works like the default Virtuemart Paypal module, where user can process the payment through Google checkout when they arrive at the checkout point.
4. Ideal for users who are looking for safe payment method and low transaction fees.
5. Instant Payment Notification – Level 2 Google Checkout Integration is in beta testing stage (released in the support forum).