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Ozio Gallery 2

Ozio Gallery 2New Version 2.4 – Photo Gallery that uses a 3d flash animation (TiltViewer Design/Development by Airtight) to automatically display the images in a particular folder or from Flickr.com.
Read the instructions on http://oziogallery.joomla.it

Ozio Gallery2 is made in Italy by http://www.joomla.it
Project in Google code: http://code.google.com/p/oziogallery2

Skin JW IMAGE ROTATOR Design/Development by Jeroen Wijering, the slideshow enables you to show a couple of photos in sequence, with fluid transitions between them.
Skin ACCORDION V1 Design/Development by Andrei Potorac.
Skin FlashGallery – Design/Development by Reality Software
Skin Carousel – Design/Development by Saverio Caminiti http://www.flshow.net/
Skin Imagin – Design/Development by Baluta Cristian http://imagin.ro/
Skin mediaGallery – Design/Development by flashnifties
Skin Cooliris – Design/Development by Cooliris, Inc.

The main news is the possibility to implement several galleries on your site. You can now simply and directly from the component create new and unlimited menu items related to their skin. Also the management of the parameters of each skin is easier.

Installing Ozio Gallery 2.4 the plugin Content – OzioGallery2 is automatically installed and activated.
To insert a gallery inside Joomla content follow this simple procedure:
– Create a menu item relating to the gallery you want.
– Access the administration page of the component Ozio Gallery, menu Components -> Ozio Gallery 2, on the right side are visible all the galleries published, and the plugin code to be copied. Copy the code referring to the plugin you wish to enter in a content.
– Access to the content of Joomla where you want to enter the gallery, and paste the previously copied code where you want, save and view the article from frontend. To change the size of the gallery included and change the other parameters is necessary to refer to the respective menu item. For those who want to remove or change the title of the menu item from above the gallery, act in Parameters (System) of the respective menu item, setting a new page title, or by setting the parameter Show Page Title to No.

By performing this procedure, are published both the menu item and the gallery content. For those who do not want to have the menu item visible on the site, we advised to create a new menu titled Hidden, and create in this menu the menu item for the gallery to be included in the content. Is automatically created a new module for the new Hidden menu, this module is not active and should be left as inactive. In this way the galleries created with this new hidden menu will be included in the contents and belong only to content that is pasted in the code of the plugin.

The new “mediaGallery” skin allows the automatic recognition of the categorization of images(jpg),video(flv), audio(mp3) each folder in the main folder of images automatically become a new category selectable from the left menu.

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