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Page Peel Banner – Joomla Extension

page peel joomlaPage Peel Banner is a free module developed for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). This Candy Joomla Ads system features a media banner located at the top right or top left corner of a web page that can be unrolled by pointing with a mouse. Upon clicking the mouse, visitors are sent to another banner destination URL.

Much like turning the pages of a book, your website visitors can easily surf contents by pointing and clicking on page peel banners. Page Peel Banner adds a professional look to your website while offering optimum surfing convenience.

Instead of perusing menus and indexes, all the pertinent info on your website is at visitors’ fingertips in mere moments. This may often mean the difference between holding visitors’ interest or watching them surf over to your competitor. Ease of access and a streamlined look from Page Peel Banner makes your website stand out from the crowd.

Page Peel Banner is resizeable to fit any area. Maybe you want to add a smaller area of pages to flip through on a main web page. Customize the size of your Page Peel banner to fit into the online environment of your choice. You can also enable or disable the Page Peel mirror option.

Page Peel Banner is a free Joomla module based on a Pageear Script. Several updates since its release in 2007 keep Page Peel up-to-date with the latest Joomla changes and user requirements. Issues were fixed along the way making today’s Page Peel Banner even more efficient than the original release that excited countless webpreneurs.

The Joomla Banner component offers Support Impression and Click Statistic. Track the progress of certain web pages, campaigns and ideas to determine their effectiveness. Use easily obtained stats to revamp your website, add essential information and gauge the popularity of your various programs.

If there is no Core Joomla banner published, Page Peel Banner will display an alternative image and link. Instead of visitors getting lost, an alternative destination is provided in the event no banner is published yet.

Page Peel Banner also supports popular *.jpg images and Flash Animation. Visitors enjoy rich photos, crisp pictures, pinpoint graphs and animated pictures with no glitches. At this time, Page Peel Banner does not support .gif and .png files but constant updates are being made to this interactive module. You also have the option to include a browser target.

Page Peel Banner can be opened from the right side, the left side, either or both depending on how you want the pages to appear. This makes it possible to include even more organized content in categories based on the pages being peeled. Within seconds, visitors will be looking at the pages they want to see.

There is even an Auto Open Pagepeel option that allows you to define the timing. Pages are automatically opened after a certain period of time elapses. Visitors don’t even have to point or click a mouse to see what’s coming next. This encourages reluctant visitors to continue viewing content when they otherwise may have stopped.

Page Peel Banner makes your website more attractive, functional and interactive to really speak to your valued visitors.

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