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PayPal For Business


PayPal for business is an easy means of offering your visitors multiple ways of payment for goods and services online. Currently PayPal has over 150 million accounts in 190 countries and regions of the world to help businesses of all sizes broaden their reach.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large corporation, PayPal business accounts are safe and simple. Within just minutes you can set up a PayPal business account and start accepting credit card payments including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Website visitors appreciate multiple payment methods making it more convenient to buy from you.

By integrating PayPal for business into your current e-commerce solution, you reach out to millions of active PayPal buyers for a greater market scope. Appeal to this international market because PayPal is a way to accept payments from new customers.


A PayPal business account provides an array of features for all businesses. There are no start up fees for a PayPal account so you don’t need extra cash to open one. PayPal business accounts do not charge monthly fees so they are an affordable solution to your needs. There are also no cancellation fees and no minimum payments so you never have to worry about these unwanted costs taking away from the money in your business account.

When you have a PayPal business account, you also enjoy lower transaction fees than other merchant accounts. Over time, these savings really add up for your business and become one of your competitive advantages. It’s quick and simple to setup at PayPal account and you can get one started in just a few minutes. There is no special or extra hardware or software needed to open and manage your new PayPal business account.

A major consideration for your business account is security. PayPal has a 60 to 70 percent lower fraud loss rate than other merchant accounts. PayPal is considered as industry leader in the areas of risk management and fraud protection so you feel reassured.

Imagine the network of buyers you have with a PayPal business account. One in three online buyers in the United States today have their own PayPal accounts. Everyday more than 58,000 people around the globe sign up for a PayPal account. PayPal gives your website international appeal because you can accept payments from people around the world with ease. With PayPal, you can get payments in 19 different currencies.

PayPal is a safe, fast way to get paid and pay online. Money is sent without sharing financial information for optimum security. In 1998, PayPal was founded to provide an online payment solution. By 2002, this San Jose, California company was acquired by business leader eBay.

The people at PayPal are committed to furthering the security and ease of the ecommerce experience for users and webpreneurs. According to Philipp Justus, the senior vice president of global markets for Paypal, e-commerce is growing at an extremely rapid pace and PayPal is committed to supporting the phenomenal rise of online shopping and electronic payments around the globe.

No matter how big or small your business is, you can get a PayPal business account started for free to broaden your scope. Accept a variety of payments and offers visitors secure transactions with an industry leader. Have a operational online account to make payment and receive payments so your business operates smoothly in a fast-paced Internet world.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.