Persian (Farsi) – Translations for Joomla! (9)

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Persian (Farsi) – Translations for Joomla! (9)

Persian (Farsi) - Translations for Joomla! (9)Joomla Software Group as the first and specialized source of training, support and expand Joomla in Iran try to release best version of Persian/farsi Joomla .

This Persian/farsi package has several capabilities.
It’s more powerful than the other one. joomla has several versions but the last one is 1.5.14 {Wojmamni ama naiki}.
It’s updated and all the user’s problems have been solved .So we added some local Persian extensions(modules-templates-plugins-languages) for having more useful persian/farsi joomla around the world to guide Persian/farsi users.

Bellow, there are last local improvements and implementations

in Persian/farsi joomla:

1-Complementary information:
-Released security version of Joomla1.5.14.
-Released complementary package of Persian Joomla1.5.14.

2-Related training:
-Changes in Joomla.
-Software requirements before installation of Joomla.
-New added extensions in Joomla1.5.
-Search security problems in Joomla.
-Setting &running Joomla in local host-Persian Joomla download:
-Downloading Full package of Persian Joomla 1.5.14 which released by our team.

3-Localization improvements &changes:
-Add and improve solar calendar in core.
-Add and improve the way of displaying solar date in Archive’s component &module.
-Improve the way of display solar date in User Manager Component.
-Improve the way of display solar date in Global Configuration Component.
-Latest News Module.
-Improve the way of displaying solar date in
-Improve the way of displaying solar date in Popular Module.
-Add solar calendar as popup in Article Component.
-Improve and add the way of displaying in Message Component.
-Improve and add Zar font in Article Component for Persian PDF.
-Improve the Back-end’s template because of showing in all browsers.
-Improve the Front-end’s Template because of showing in all browsers.
-Improve and add right align for all bug’s pages (404).
-Improve 48 case of translation in Persian Front-end (8th edit).
-Improve 75 case of translation in Persian Back-end (8th edit).
-Improve and add new way of displaying numbers in Persian.
-Improve strings in Joomla’s installation.

4-improvements and changes in core:
-changes in Components, Modules, Plug-ins, Templates, Languages, managements, system, security and polls.
گروه نرم افزاری جوملا –
دانلود جوملا فارسی –
راهنمای جوملا فارسی –
فروشگاه جوملا فارسی –
پشتیبانی جوملا فارسی –

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