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Personal Services Logos

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Jeff Maul
Client: Jeff Maul
Location: Portland, OR USA

The guy who cut my hair wanted a simple graphic representation of his name to promote his work. The design appears in International Logos & Trademarks III, the 1996 PRINT Regional Design Annual, Letterhead and Logo Design 5, New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan), Bullet-Proof Logos, The Best in World Trademarks 1- Corporate Identity (Korea), LogoLounge – Volume 1, The Best of Letterhead and Logo Design, Logo Design for Small Business 2, and New Logo: One (Singapore).

Read about the creation of this logo on bLog-oMotives.

VanderVeer Center
Client: VanderVeer Center
Location: Portland, OR USA

The VanderVeer Center logo is the centerpiece of the rebranding of the medical spa facility and its anti-aging services. Design efforts featuring the logo appear in The Big Book of Layouts, The Big Book of Letterheads, 100s Visual Logos & Letterheads (UK), The Big Book of Logos 5 and Design DNA – Logos: 300+ International Logos Deconstructed. It also appears as a case study in my own book, Identity Crisis!

Read more about the VanderVeer Center identity project on bLog-oMotives

What’s For Dinner?
Client: What’s For Dinner?
Location: Portland, OR USA

What’s For Dinner? is the business of a personal chef and caterer. The logo is featured in the books Logo Design for Small Business 2, New Logo and Trademark Design (Japan), and Logo and Trademark Collection (Japan).

Thomas Fallon • Architect
Client: Thomas Fallon
Location: Portland, OR USA

Type of the period was used for the identity of this architect specializing in Arts & Crafts inspired residential design. It is featured in Logo Design for Small Business 2, American Corporate Identity 2006, 100’s Visual Logos and Letterheads and The Big Book of Logos 5.

All logo designs © 2011 Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. All rights reserved.

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