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PhotoStore From KTOOLS

ktools photostorePhotoStore from KTOOLS makes it easy for you to setup a complete photo selling website. With PhotoStore, you are ready to sell images and prints in just minutes. From photographers selling images online to event photographers to running a stock type website, PhotoStore is a simple, efficient way to showcase photographs.

Photographers have the option of uploading photos for viewing by private clients only or for public viewing. In a short time, a photographer can establish a polished, professional website displaying their pictures with PhotoStore. Prints and downloads are turned into profits. The sleek design is also a great way to attract and land new clients.

PhotoStore is a completely web-based script installed on your web hosting space. You don’t need special knowledge or technological savvy to work with PhotoStore. Administrative takes are performed using a web browser on a user-friendly interface. If you know HTML, the design is easily customized.

Once you purchase PhotoStore, it can be instantly downloaded and installed on your server or hosting space in mere minutes. Interactive Online is a KTOOLS recommended web host at their PhotoStore website which states, “No troubles reported by customers. PhotoStore & PhotoHost seem to run fine.” Web hosting from Interactive Online coupled with PhotoStore equals a recipe for success for your photographic business.”

When PhotoStore is installed, customers can start browsing the categories you defined to add photos to their online shopping carts. After selecting their photos, customers checkout and pay through a variety of options including PayPal, Plug n’ Pay,,,, check or money order. Once the pics are paid for, the customer can download the images right away.

PhotoStore also gives you an option to turn on the “prints and products” feature. Prints can be configured in all sizes and types for customers to buy. Track all your photograph orders in the management area of the PhotoStore software. is a company located in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Their goal is to provide the best possible software for online photo hosting and selling. In 2003, Ktools realized the need for professional software for hosting photographs online. PhotoStore was developed for this purpose shortly after this realization. At this point, more than 4000 websites are using software with this number growing rapidly everyday.

User options with PhotoStore hosting include:

  • upload and sell unlimited photos regardless of size;

  • add keywords, a description, a title, price and quality along with photo categories;

  • sell prints and other products and you set shipping costs;

  • multiple languages are available along with an integrated shopping cart and a variety of payment options;

  • built in ratings system for photographs;

  • sell zip files and video files;

  • Lightbox feature is built in with email to a friend option;

  • a tracking number can be added to orders;

  • great user features such as a slideshow, hover view and rotating banners;

  • security measures including disable right click feature and dynamic watermarking;

  • subcategory avatars;

  • built in statistics to track the total number of photographers, members, visits and more;

  • create subscriptions monthly, yearly and free;

  • batch photo upload and multiple sizes for originals;

  • new and popular photos areas as well as image counter, photo search and automatically generated sample photos and thumbnails; and

  • multiple management options to customize your PhotoStore website.

PhotoStore will take your photography website to the next level of professionalism and success.