PHP 101

PHP is an open source language mostly used for dynamic web content. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and previously it stood for Personal HomePage. When the language was designed in 1994, is was a small set of binaries to collect basic site traffic data. PHP has expanded to be much more in today’s web world.

Competitors of PHP include Sun Java JSP, CGI Perl, Macromedia Cold Fusion and Microsoft C – Visual Basic – ASP family. PHP has a variety of open source libraries included with more available. Extensions help PHP to interface with numerous systems including Windows API and IRC. There is an extension that enables PHP to create Macromedia Flash movies.

PHP has become increasingly popular over the past 8 years because it is easy to learn. The syntax is simple and variables do not have to be declared. PHP has come a long way from its original purpose of maintaining personal home pages. Today PHP has a full featured programming language and can manage large database-driven environments online.  A reliable web host and PHP web design puts your business ahead of the competition.

The server-side scripting language used by PHP is typically written in HTML context. Unlike an HTML page, PHP scripts are not sent by the server directly to the client. PHP scripts are parsed by the PHP module or binary. HTML is left alone but the PHP code in the script is interpreted and executed.

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PHP code can be used to create images, query databases, write and read files and talk to remove servers. Because PHP is combined with HTML in the script, the user’s browser does not know if PHP is used because the browser just sees HTML.

Another reason for the popularity of PHP is its ability to work in an extensive list of databases and web servers. Gone are the days when large websites were built with individual HTML pages. PHP makes it easier for webmasters to make the most of their powerful databases and completely personalize their websites.  Choose reliable web hosting and a PHP web design for a modern, interactive website your customers will appreciate.