phpbb 3 last topics module

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phpbb 3 last topics module

Simple module which will show your last topics in your phpbb3 forum. Just fill some require parameters and start use it. Do NOT require registration to download!

!!!UPDATE!!! Version 0.2 – removed the admin forums posts.

!!!UPDATE!!! Version 0.3 – added options to include or exclude forums.

!!!UPDATE!!! Version 1.0.0 –
1. Add option to group posts to topics.
2. Direct link to post id instead of forum and topic.
3. Fix date bug (thanks to Fleiva).
4. Added installation guide/readme (thanks to Mic).

!!!UPDATE!!! Version 1.0.1 –
1. Add option to change link direction: post, topic or forum.
2. Remove the option page name (not need due to the last change of link direction).

!!!UPDATE!!! Version 1.0.2 –
1. Verify fixing date bug (thanks to Fleiva).
2. Update template: break line before poster.

Mirror 2:
Mirror 3:

1.0.0 Version:

0.3 Version:

Installation guide/readme (thanks to Mic)
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: