Picasa2GalleryDisplay the full contents of your picasa webalbum as a gallery in Joomla. Easy to use, and adjustable to personal needs.

-= Dedicated to my Son, born 8 November 2009 =-

known issues:

-You’ll need to save the component default preferences once, before using Picasa2Gallery


Version 1.2.2 (02-04-2010):

-Download Tooltip option
-Blank target for all download links

Unreleased: Version 1.2.1 (31-03-2010)

-Slimbox update 1.58
-Slimbox picture download option
-Album picture download option

Version 1.1.9 (22-01-2010):

-Album/Picture different effect option
-Bevel effect added
-Glossy effect added
-Filmed effect added
-Reflex effect added
-New instant effect script (Fixed IE issue)
-Fixed Border color issue
-Mootools script adjustment (thx: Peter van der Hulst

Version 1.1.7 (20-01-2010):

-Added Picture Borders option
-Modified Back Button (SEF proof)
-Link style adjustment below pictures
-Admin component preferences
-added Back button location option
-added Navi button location option

Version 1.1.0 (18-01-2010):

-Added Cellspacing in Picture view
-Added Center Align thumbnails
-Picture Thumbnail size Control
-modified get screenheight javascript

Version 1.0.0 (06-11-2009):

-Fixed Picture size control
-Dynamic Picture size when using lightbox
-Album Thumbnail size Control
-Album Back Button

Roberto Aloi created a great component called Prof3ta JoomlaPicasa 2. I’ve changed to code to personal needs. I’m not an programmer so there might be some issues. This component uses some javascript code!

Questions?: Harold-at-Masselink.net

For the demo goto: http://www.iq-loos.nl –> Picture Base

(read full article on source site)