pierre debois

What’s Inside the Google Search Console Update

PHOTO: Google Google started its spring cleaning a little early this year in the form of an update to its Google Search Console.  The new Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, now sports a redesigned interface aimed at making it easier for users to analyze patterns. The update addressed a search console weakness: a somewhat cumbersome interface that limited...

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Amazon Go Pushes the Limits of Mobile Commerce

Amazon Go is breaking down the barriers between online and offline experiences. Retailers, take note PHOTO: SounderBruce Amazon is cashing in on consumer's desire for convenience and the blurring lines between online and offline experiences with Amazon Go. The prototype store opened in Seattle last week, with people lining up to experience the cashless, checkout-free brick and mortar store, where customers can just walk...

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How Geotagging Helps Marketers Locate Active Customers

It's now possible for marketers to locate the right customers at the right place: how will you capitalize on this? PHOTO: N. on unsplash Today’s marketers can pinpoint precisely where customer activity occurs based on data as simple as a hashtag, a location mention or a photo. Marketers also have a multitude of sources to mine to understand where that customer activity occurs. Take images, for example....

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