Pixels Paradise – Joomla Templates

Pixels Paradise – Joomla Templates

PixelsParadisePixels Paradise is a great source for Mambo and Joomla! templates. Because Pixels Paradise has been around since 2004, they offer a vast collection of professional coded, well-designed themes for these open source content management systems.

Businesses of all sizes take advantage of open content management system Mambo/Joomla! The low cost and efficiency make it an affordable, reliable way to organize content. The powerful Joomla system is easy to use and understand so no specialized knowledge is required. Using templates from Pixels Paradise gives you an opportunity to customize your Joomla website without learning advanced technological skills.

With just a few clicks, you can switch the layout and design of a Joomla page. The huge collection at Pixels Paradise gives you countless options to create a unique website people want to visit. Use color, design and customization to make your website one-of-a-kinds. Save significantly by designing your website yourself with templates from Pixels Paradise.

Pixels Paradise has a convenient e-shop so you can browse around for templates at your convenience. It only takes a couple of clicks to find and purchase the template you need for your web pages. You don’t even have to register to order a product. Other websites require registration to gain access to their templates. Pixels Paradise allows visitors to add the chosen template to their shopping carts then click the “checkout” button to buy and pay.

Another benefit of using Pixels Paradise is their demo showcase. When you buy clothing or electronics, you like to try before you buy. The Pixels Paradise demo showcase lets you visit and see available themes live in action. Browse around to find out if Pixels Paradise has what you need without any registration or commitment.

Once you find what you like, add the template to your card and checkout. A personal account is created just for the order. When you process the order and render payment, an email is sent to you with a download code link. Before you know it, you’re redesigning your website with a Pixels Paradise template.

When you buy a Pixels Paradise template you also purchase a “one website license”. This means you can use the theme for a lifetime on one website you choose. The site can be your own or belong to a friend or client. You have an option to use it on multiple website by buying additional copies. Different payment processors mean you can pay for templates by various credit cards, PayPal, eCheck or your bank account. Different currencies are also accepted so international webpreneurs can take advantage of Pixels Paradise templates.

Templates makes your website stand out from the competition without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Carefully choosing the right template for your website gives you an advantage. Customize the template to add further value to the template and make the most of your Mambo/Joomla! CMS.

Pixels Paradise makes it easy to shop around and buy the right template for your online business needs. Make your website more interactive with a user-friendly design created by you. Customize your Pixels Paradise template to get more people surfing over to check out your eye-catching website.

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