Play MP3 Files on Your Joomla Site

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Play MP3 Files on Your Joomla Site

Find the AllVideos Plugin

Visit for the download link for the AllVideos plugin

Login to Your Joomla Site

Login to the /administrator/ area of your Joomla site and go to Extensions >> Install/Uninstall

Upload the AllVideos Plugin

Click on “Browse” to find the AllVideos file and then click “Upload File & Install”

Go to the Plugin Manager

Enable the AllVideos Plugin

Check the box next to “AllVideos (by JoomlaWorks) and click “Enable”

Go to the Global Configuration

Allow Uploads of MP3 Files

Click on “System” and add “mp3” to the field called “Legal Extensions (File Types). Click “Save” in the top-right corner.

Go to the Media Manager

Visit Site >> Media Manager

Open the /stories/ Folder

Double-click on the /stories/ folder to open it up.

Create a Folder Called /audio/

At the top of the page, enter /audio/ into the box and click “Create…

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