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PlotalotPlotalot makes it easy to create live charts and place them on your site. You must be able to write the SQL queries to retrieve the data you want to plot, but if you can do that, Plotalot will take the data and use the Google Charts API to produce line graphs, scatter graphs, bar charts, or pie charts of your data, with numerous formatting options.

You can include as many charts as you like, anywhere in any article, using the Plotalot plugin.

Some of the features are:

* Line graphs with multiple plots
* Scatter graphs with variable dot sizes
* Horizontal or vertical stacked or grouped bar charts
* 2D or 3D pie charts with or without values
* Legend at top, bottom, left, right, or not shown
* Optional grid
* Titles and axis labels can be simple text or SQL queries
* Axis limits can be automatic or specified by numbers or SQL queries
* Chart size (up to 300,000 pixels) can be set by the article
* Background colours, gradients, transparent, or semi-transparent
* Query the local site database or any other database
* Can also plot data as tables
* No libraries to install, just a component and a plugin
* Charting class can be built in to your own components

Posted: 2010-03-20 01:34:14

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