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Pretty Modules

Pretty ModulesPretty Modules is an advanced project to make modules prettier. Instead of relying on the template style, you can now style each module differently and as you want them ! Pretty Modules generates a tableless and css & xhtml valid output.
Feature List :-
Input Features

* Plain Text
* Java Script
* Paypal button code, Google Analytics / Statcounter code, Youtube embed code, widget codes or any script with proper tags
* Another Module (Ability to style not only any module, but also the module content)
* An Article

Styling Options

* Ability to either select individual styles or to simply add a CSS code

Individual Styling Options

There are many; listed below are the ones which are not usually found in WYSIWYG editors.

* Background Color and Image
* Border Width, Color and Style
* Ability to specify height of the module
* Ability to convert the text into lowercase, uppercase or small caps
* Line height, word spacing and character spacing
* Scrolling

Changelog :-


+Add: Added inbuilt background images to give modules an elite look

V 1.2

+ Add: Possibility to have rounded corners (may not work in Internet Explorer)
+ Add: Option to ignore all custom styling and display template default style
+ Add: Possibility to add an article inside (title and introtext with a ‘Read More’ link) the module
# Bugfix: Heading text changed to the default ‘heading text’ if left blank.


! Change: Minor code changes

Initial release