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QContacts is a contact manager component derived from com_contact, the standard component distributed with Joomla!, and offering several additional features. 1) More contact fields: Yahoo Messenger Id and Skype Id to provide your visitors with an alternate way to send a message to the contact. 2) Up to 6 custom fields can be added to the contact form. You can choose each field’s type (text, textarea, radio buttons, checkbox, drop down list) and whether the field is optional or required. 3) An anti-spam verification image (captcha) can be added to the form.

Contacts data and categories inserted in com_contact can be imported into QContacts. Online documentation is available at the website.


Search plugin to make QContacts managed contacts searchable with the standard Joomla search box.

Sh404SEF plugin for users who want to use Sh404SEF to generate sef urls for QContacts.

Version 1.0.6
Added a customizable ‘thank you’ page and a new menu item to display a page with a list of links to contact categories.

Version 1.0.5
A maintenance version with minor bug fixes and a few new features, see changelog on the website for details.

Version 1.0.4
– Contact form standard fields (name, e-mail, message) can be made optional or hidden exactly as custom fields.

– A custom path for the folder containing contacts images can be set.

– E-mail containing form submission results can be sent from admin e-mail (set in Joomla configuration) in place of e-mail submitted with the form. This may solve issues of undeliverable e-mails on some servers.

– Submitter IP address can be included in e-mail with form submission results.

– Contacts lists are now sortable by a default field.

Version 1.0.3
– captcha appearance can now be fully controlled from component configuration: captcha width/height, code length, font/font size, text and background color, vertical and arc lines on/off, lines color.

– More types for custom fields: text, textarea, radio buttons, checkbox, drop down list.

-Custom *and* standard fields width and order on the form can be set from component configuration: custom fields are no longer mandatorily positioned after standard fields.

– All contact fields can be displayed in list of contacts viewable from Contact Category Layout links. Each column width and order can be set.

See Changelog on the website for other minor changes.