Questions to Ask a Website Designer in Tampa

Website Designer in Tampa

Questions to Ask a Website Designer in Tampa

It is estimated that people spend only 15 seconds skimming through a webpage upon first visit. If the content doesn’t interest them or the design puts them off within that brief 15-second time-frame, then they will promptly move on to other things. This is the reason why webmasters put a premium on excellent web design. It’s the first thing that people notice, and the first thing that can potentially turn them away.

Make sure that you hire people who know what they’re doing. If really have no experience in web design and have no idea on how to go about hiring a web designer or a web design agency, here are some starting questions that you need to quiz them on.

How is their track record?

Does this designer or agency have an excellent track record? A simple Google Search will instantly reveal if your agency or web designer of choice have delivered the results that they promised to their clients. You can also try to figure out the type of clients that your designer had worked with in the past and see if the work that he or she has done for them is in line with what you have in mind. A lot of designers nowadays have online portfolios- you can also check them out too if they have any.

How much are they charging?

The going rate for web designers range from the cheap to the insanely expensive. It’s basically impossible to set a standard benchmark for web design prices. But to to help you out, the following questions are some of the pointers that you need to consider when the subject of payment comes along. Will you be getting your money’s worth? What are the qualifications of the people who will be working on your website? How much time will they spend working on it? Do you think that the price is fair in comparison to the work that will be done?

How will they do the work?

What kind of tools will your designer be using? Are these up to current industry standards? Also, more importantly, do you own the finished design or do you need to pay up for a license fee? It’s important to discuss these matters beforehand so that you can avoid any issues upon the delivery of the finished product.

Who will do the maintenance?

It’s important to note that websites have on-going expenses related to their upkeep. Should you need changes to your design, is your designer available for maintenance duty or do you need to do it all by yourself? The same goes true if you want revisions or changes to the final product. A lot of designers do only what is stipulated on the contract, and might charge extra if you want to need revisions or changes in the future. You can also ask beforehand what costs to expect if you do need to avail your designer’s services again in the future for your website’s upkeep.

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