RD-Autos Pro 1.5.6

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RD-Autos Pro 1.5.6

Completely rewritten version of RD-Autos for Joomla 1.5!
All functions are there again, including Lightbox in front-end en back-end.
AJAX based dropdown menu for adding vehicles. (send a friend, add/edit cars/categories, makes and models, lots of configuration options!)

Current features for this component:
– Managing vehicle makes.
– Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
– Managing models and assign to makes. (Ajaxified)
– Uploading images.(12x)
– Resizing images. (GD2 required) (thumbs, medium images and lightbox images in three sizes)
– Hitcounter per car!
– Edit and Add cars
– Several Bugs Fixed from Joomla! 1.x version.
– Lightbox images + Gallery in version 1.5.4a (Detail Page)
– Multi Language added (Version 1.5.4)
– Removed some bugs Back-End
– Added Send to Friend Comments
– send to friend Function
– Category Pages with description
– You configure what your clients see.
– Advanced Search Pages
– Dealer management
– Dealer adds
– Dealer Image Galleries
– Dealer Pages
– Dealer Overviews
– Advanced Joomla! Registration
– Automated User Inserts And many more functions

– Ordering Tables in Backend.
– Search Vehicles in Backend.
– Security Fix in AJAX Part.
– Search For Dealers in Backend.
– Pagination In Dealer Management.
– Fixed submenu in Backend.
– Code Clean up in Frontend during adding.
– Search and Order in frontend (rebuild).
– Mail Templates are now in HTML.
– BCC field added to dealer pages.
– Reminder will now be sent when a dealer registers.
– New Formats for US Dollar in Front end.

Now the component can be used by Leasing Companies.
All th requested inputboxes have been added to the system, and offcourse all configurable.
Currently more than 50 settings in your configuration screens.
Automated mails sending to dealers when registering and requests for vehicles.