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RokComments is a complete rewrite of the ever-popular RokIntenseDebate plugin. We’ve added support for Disqus and JS-Kit, as well as the original IntenseDebate support.

NOTE: Joomla SEF is required to be turned on for this plugin to function properly and interact reliably with these comment systems. This is because the comments are associated with the URL and non-SEF URLs with & in them are truncated by these systems.

Supported Systems:
* IntenseDebate (
* Disqus (
* JS-Kit (

Typical Comment System Features:
* Comment Threading
* Reply-By-Email
* Importing/Exporting
* Commenter Profiles
* Reputation Points & Comment Voting
* Moderation/Blacklisting
* Widgets
* RSS Readers & Tracking
* Twitter
* FriendFeed
* OpenID
* Gravatar
* HTML Formatting

RokComment Features
* Support for IntenseDebate, Disqus, JS-Kit comment systems
* Configure via menu items
* Configure via Joomla categories
* Configure via RokComment editor button
* Support for comment counts on blog view

To use this plugin you must insert the {rokcomment} plugin text in the bottom of your article where you want the comments. You can use the Editor Button so you don’t even have to type it.

NOTE: Comments will ONLY show up on the full article view, not in the blog listing view. See the Demo below for an example.