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RoKQuickCart – Simple Joomla Shopping Cart

rokquickcartIf you’re like many webpreneurs, you use the popular and flexible Joomla content management system (CMS). Showcasing products, adding images and descriptions and making purchases easy is a breeze with RokQuickCart shopping cart for Joomla.


Online consumers expect a functional shopping cart to track the items they might want to purchase. The easier the cart system is to use, the more likely customers will want to shop around at your website. Keep it quick and simple with RokQuickCart to take simple, elegant shopping cart script and integrate it directly into the Joomla CMS.


Showcase products based on the season, popularity or current offerings. Add images so visitors get a clear picture of what you have. Include your own customized descriptions with additional options for people to know the full details about your products and services. Purchase options include support for shipping and tax calculation with Google Checkout and PayPal as its payment systems.

Originally RokQuickCart debuted with the Moxy template release. It started as a standalone extension with its own unique styling. RokQuickCart is not tied down to any specific theme so it can easily be used in almost any template you choose. Integrate the outstanding features of RokQuick cart into any environment to keep your own unique designs.

The Internet is an international marketplace with the potential for customers all over the globe. Be ready to make your online business completely international with RokQuickCart. Choose up to sixteen different currencies for your store. Shoppers from all over the world can purchase items from your website conveniently and securely using their own currencies. Harness the power of the Internet by attracting customers from sixteen different currencies.

For your United States customers, enjoy automatic cost calculation based on a tax rate. Customers want to know what to expect before they click that final time. Taxes add up quickly, especially on big ticket purchases. RokQuickCart automatic calculation of the tax rate means no unwanted surprises or cancellations.

Another additional expense when ordering online is the total cost of shipping and handling. The fees for shipping vary based on location, the amount spent and the weight of the purchase. RokQuickCart configures shipping costs for your customers so they know the total cost of what they want to buy.

Give your visitors a complete visual experience when they shop around on your website. RocQuickCart takes products images and displays larger previews for customers to get a bigger view on potential purchases. The ability to really see your offerings can mean the difference between a purchase or someone surfing away to your competitors.

Inbuilt styling makes for rapid deployment. Before you know it, RokQuickCart is up and running, ready to offer your visitors a more streamlined shopping experience. You realize increased profits because savvy shoppers demand a secure, functional shopping cart before they buy.

RokQuickCart is a simple way to add a highly functional shopping cart to your Joomla website. Showcase your products and keep track of purchases and profits with RokQuickCart to do the work.