RokTabs – Free Tabs Module for Joomla

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RokTabs – Free Tabs Module for Joomla

roktabs joomla moduleRokTabs is a tabbed content module. This free extension has its own light and dark themes with transitions by scroll or fade powered by mootools. The RokTabs module can be fully automated to switch based on time or manual user interaction. RokTabs has support for the plugin to load modules inside and supports K2. RokTabs adds a professional, navigable feel to your website.

Tabbed content makes it easier for visitors to find what they want without endlessly clicking around your site. Instead of getting lost and leaving, visitors find meaningful information with multiple content items in a tabbed enclosure. Visitors just click a tab to find out more about a related topic. Effective tabbing can mean the difference between capturing a customer or having potential customers surf away to find a more navigable online environment.

RokTabs has module position support so you can insert module positions right inside the tabs. Multi level tabs create a organized online environment. Without going to multiple web pages, content is immediately accessible within just a few clicks. The more interactive your website it, the more likely visitors will come back for more.

Inbuilt styling gives you dark and light options with outstanding standalone support. Create light tabs with certain theming for particular topics. Group other topics with dark tabs and individualized theming. RokTabs is highly configurable with a variety of options addressing transition, layout and content type.

Multiple configurations make it possible to completely customize the appearance of your tabs. RokTabs can be configured from transition type, light and dark style, tab position, effect and period and other diverse types including author and content selection. An array of tab position configurations, theme styles and transitions helps you create an interactive online experience.

For example, the tab position can be set on autoplay at a top position, with scrolling as a transition type and a light theme style. If you prefer, set up an autoplay tab position on the bottom with a fading transition type and a dark theme style. Another option is a hidden tabs configuration. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and content needs.

Scrolling tabs and fading tabs create two different experiences for the user. Both add visually pleasing appeal to your website and put content at the visitors’ fingertips. Consider the ease of using tabbed file folders with labels instead of flat folders with no marking. You can find tabbed file folders more quickly. Tabbing works the same way on your website.

To use the RokTabs extension your website must have Joomla 1.5x, the leading open source content management system. You need to use the latest version of Joomla with RokTabs to ensure total compatibility and maximum security.

RokTabs has default styling with a standard appearance unless your template has individualized CSS and images for an integrated look rather than generic styling. Often users use styles from the Joomla Template Club themes then add the free RokTabs module with customization.

RokTabs is a rocket fast way to get your content tabbed, organized and properly presented to attract a variety of visitors.