RS Form! – Form Management

RS Form! – Form Management

joomla formRS Form takes the difficulty out of creating, customizing and managing forms in Jooma 1.5. Previously considered a gap in Joomla, now you can create your own forms in mere minutes. The handy RS Form extension is extremely easy to install and use to create an array of online forms for your website.

As a webpreneur, it is essential to have forms on your website. Forms are used to become a member of a website, order merchandise, provide or request information and many other reasons. Without interactive forms, it becomes impossible to effectively communicate with current and potential customers. Easy-to-use forms are a priority so visitors have no problems completing them. If forms are difficult to use, visitors move on to the competition and you lose a valuable opportunity.

There is no risk involved to check out the benefits of using RS Form because you can try is for free. The developers at RS Form let you try before you buy for a good reason. They know you’ll find the product as useful and intuitive as it claims to be after creating your first form in less than an hour.

If you are familiar with Joomla, it is a cinch to work with RS Form. A Form Layout page shows form elements as simple variables. It’s easy to totally customize your form using html, css, images and more. Individual form elements are output with their own unique ID’s to style them according to your own personal specifications. Use your basic skills and RS Forms to create any page you need thanks to full code customization.

Another major benefit of using RS Form is Submission Management. Submitted info is held in Joomla and emailed to you in confirmation. Upon form completion, there is the ability to send Thank You emails and display thank you messages. Multiple email functions means you can even send a form to a fax account so you can communicate with more people immediately.

RS Form is an incredibly flexible way to empower web communications. Professional forms are created in mere minutes and you can upload any kinds of files. Validate emails, check boxes, seelct boxes, users, passwords and more with RS Form!

Even if you somehow lose your creations, RS Form has features to backup and restore your forms. Never worry about losing your essential forms because you already have a backup or the ability to restore what you had. Updates to forms are made with one simple click.

The Internet is a global community with buyers all around the world. Appeal to an international market by talking their language. RS Form provides multi-language support so you stay competitive around the globe.

A major benefits of choosing RS Form over its competitors is the outstanding support customers receive. Lifetime free support includes frequently asked questions, tickets, forum, email and the contents of their “How Do I…” section. Customer report immediate, complete answers to a variety of inquiries, making the RS Form service stand head and shoulders above the rest.

RS Form has a free and a Pro version. Many professional web designers use the Pro version to create forms for clients’ websites. While novices find it a breeze to use, pros realize RS Form also makes it possible to customize completely professional-looking forms with less time and effort.

Interactive forms are the ideal way to capture pertinent information from website visitors. Use RS Form to design your own unique forms to enhance the overall value of your website without hiring pricey professionals or working for endless hours.

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