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SAudioPlayerSAudioPlayer plugin can add multiple mp3 player in article content,Flash player is used niftyPlayer.


{saudioplayer}name.mp3{/saudioplayer} or

{saudioplayer autostart}name.mp3{/saudioplayer}

name.mp3 is mp3 file name. if add autostart property then mp3 can automate play.

Default directory is setting in plugin parameters,Is relative in the joomla root directory.


mp3 file is saved in music/betty.mp3,so “Default folder” is setting to “music”

use {saudioplayer}betty.mp3{/saudioplayer} in article content



* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
– -> Removed
! -> Note
——————– 1.1.2 Release [2010-11-29] ——————
# fixed object id repeat of blog layout
——————– 1.1.1 Release [2010-09-18] ——————
# fixed regexp bug
——————– 1.1.0 Release [2010-08-16] ——————
# Can not add multi audioplayer

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