Search Marketing

Are you changing keyword bids too often?

The AdWords advertising system utilizes an auction-like process to decide which advertisers’ ads get to show and in which order. By bidding higher or lower, you can appear at higher or lower positions — depending on what your competitors are bidding. Account managers use many approaches for setting and tweaking bids over time, and bid optimization is one of the oldest features in the SEM software industry. Automated bidding can work...

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3 ways to build a better agency-client relationship

The reality of maintaining a complex business relationship where revenue is on the line is that there are several pitfalls that can destroy it. Although not all of these points will apply to all partnerships, the lesson is the same. If you’re in-house marketing staff: Do you treat your agency like they’re members of your team? How do you keep them in the loop and give them everything they need to...

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The nitty-gritty paid search account health check: Part 2

Welcome to the second and final post in a two-part series about paid search account audits. If you haven’t read the first post, be sure to check it out here! Without further ado, let’s dive right into the good stuff — the remaining analyses standing between you and a perfectly manicured paid search account. Keywords and negatives Keywords are essentially the building block of your search campaigns, so needless to say, there’s...

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