Are Your Site Searches Producing Relevant, Measurable Results? (Webinar)

Site search is becoming increasingly more important PHOTO: Pixabay If your website visitors can’t find what they’re looking for they’re going to bounce. According to Ecommerce & B2B, 60 percent of business buyers say they'd like enhanced search functionality from their suppliers in the selling process. That’s why it's imperative to have a great search on your website and why ecommerce experiences are critical, according to Emily Hayman,...

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Designing Responsive Search Forms: Tips & Trends for Web Designers

Every modern website should use a responsive layout. This makes it easier to browse on any device but it makes the page trickier to design. The beloved search field is one example of a tricky page element. With responsive layouts on the rise web designers have new trends for search forms making them both accessible and stylish. Let’s take a look at some examples of search form trends on the web. These should...

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