SEF-links with vmSEF for Virtuemart

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SEF-links with vmSEF for Virtuemart

SEF-links with vmSEF for VirtuemartThe Joomla!®-Plugin vmSEF produces short search-engine-friendly- (SEF) links e.g. shop/power-tool.html in product-links and category-links for the Joomla!®-Shop-Component Virtuemart. It prevents Duplicate Content if there are Menulinks in use, is multidomain- and multi-Language-capable and requires only the Joomla!® own SEF.

Feature List of vmSEF:

* Works with Joomla! 1.5x and Virtuemart version 1.1.3 / 1.1.4
* produces “speaking” SEF links from the product/category-titles or from the menu-aliases
* works only with the Joomla! integrated SEF
* if a menulink was designed for a product or a category, the script uses this instead of the virtuemartlink. So you avoid Duplicate Content
* if there are parameters in the called SEF-URLs e.g. pop=0, the vmSEF inserts automatically a Canonical Tag with the correct url in the code of the sidehead
* if there are the same product- or categorynames vmSEF inserts a number into the link, what can be prevented through a menu entry for the product also
* supports the link-translation with Joomfish
* works with german and scandinavian letters
* with the Plugin “system – Jfrouter” (contain in Joomfish) it is multidomain capable

vmSEF requires only the Joomla!inbuild-SEF and works NOT with:

* Joomla! 1.5 SEF Patch
* Joomla! 1.5 SEF Patch extended
* sh404SEF
* OpenSEF
* Artio JoomSEF

For details see the tutorials at: (english) (german)

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