Why Self Hosted WordPress is Better than WordPress.com

WordPress.com versus Self Hosted WordPress.org

Why Self Hosted WordPress is Better than WordPress.com

While starting out as a newbie, one question is likely to spring up in your mind. Which is better; the free WordPress.com service or the self-hosted WordPress.org? In this post, we’ll discuss why the self-hosted version is much better.

Self-Hosted WordPress

Let’s have a look at why WordPress.org seems to be an all-around better option.

  • You have the ability to upload any plugin
  • You can modify theme files and upload custom themes
  • You can generate money from your blog by using your very own ads
  • Tracking and Custom Analytics
  • You have ownership over the data, and are in complete control


WordPress.com is free for up to 3 GB of space. Once you use up that space, you need to pay for further space. It costs $19.95 a year for 5 GB and $289.97 a year for 100 GB. Although it may seem like this version has several benefits, the only real benefit it has it’s quicker to setup.

Where WordPress.com Lacks

  • com places ads on all of its free websites. Did you really believe it would be free without a catch? If you want to remove the ads, you have to pay $29.97 a year to keep your blog ad-free.
  • You aren’t allowed to sell any ads on your blog unless you have 25,000 page views per month. In case you do have that many views per month, you will have to incorporate a feature called Ad Control. Although the approval process won’t cost you any cash, you will have to split the revenues fifty-fifty with them.
  • You don’t have access to the plugins. That’s right; even though WordPress is renowned for its flexibility thanks to its plugins, you can’t use any with the free version. In case you do wish to use the plugins, you need to switch to the VIP program.
  • You aren’t allowed to use custom themes. You will have to use the themes they already have, which, not to mention, are already being used by millions of websites. They do have a “design upgrade” which is available for $30 a year, but it should really be titled as a CSS upgrade since all it really does is let you change the color of your blog’s layout.
  • You stay restricted to the analytics. You don’t have access to custom analytics software since you can’t add any custom codes.
  • Your site can be deleted at any time in case it violates the Terms of Service.

Which One Is Suitable for You?

If you are more of a personal blogger who doesn’t care about earning an income from their sites, then you should consider WordPress.com. However, if you are looking to make a career out of blogging or would like to create a professional website, then self-hosted WordPress is the right fit for you.