Shape 5 – Joomla Template Club


Shape 5 – Joomla Template Club

Shape 5 TemplatesNow that you’ve discovered the efficiency of Joomla, it’s time to revamp your website with Shape 5. Templates make it easy to update your site without any technical knowledge or specialized skills. Shape 5 offers a variety of templates and other products for the Joomla content management system.

Joomla CMS already gives your website a professional appearance. Take it to the next level by using templates and other resources from Shape 5. The folks at Shape 5 want to create products focused on functionality, accessibility and overall aesthetics. When your website is fully functional and attractive, it’s more profitable. People want to visit your website and tell others about it, too.

Each of the templates offered by Shape 5 is a breeze to work with. Simply install the template through the backend administration of the Joomla CMS. Because Shape 5 is a template community, you have access to their forum to ask questions and get ideas. Use the forum to further the progress of your website through the effective use of Shape 5 templates and products.

As a member of Shape 5, you gain access to their unique templates for Joomla. Shape 5 guarantees a new template release each month along with additional bonus releases. With new releases every month, Shape 5 has plenty of alternatives so you can change your website as often as you want. Update your current website, create new ones and build a significant online presence by using Shape 5 templates to do the work.

S5 Effects adds another dimension to your website. These effects for JavaScript were written by Shape 5. The JavaScript used in Shape 5 customer templates and services is all powered by S5 Effects so you never have to worry about script conflicts. Bring movement, light and interactivity to your website with S5 Effects. Choose exciting templates to attract visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Shape 5 products are designed to be creative and flexible. Using templates doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. The variety of options offered by Shape 5 make it possible to create a one-of-a-kind website to reflect your business offerings and goals.

banner_joomla_hosting_animated_300x250.gifAs a member of Shape 5, you gain access to their templates to use for your websites. You can continue to use their products without renewing your membership as long as you stay within the number of domain restrictions agreed to during your membership. Other template website often require you to maintain a membership forever to use any of the templates at anytime.

Your membership of Shape 5 is as flexible as their templates. If you need more domains, you can upgrade your account. When you maintain an active membership, you get ongoing forum support and Shape 5 product updates. Access to forum support also gives you the opportunity to express your wishes for new styles and themes for future templates. Shape 5 respects the requests and opinions expressed by forum participants and updates their products accordingly.

Now that you’ve harnessed the power of Joomla, use Shape 5 to add impressive features to your website. Templates, products and S5 Effects make your website stand out from the competition without learning special skills or spending endless hours. Whether you’re a webpreneur or a web designer, Shape 5 membership helps you achieve your goals.

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