Showing Different Content to Different Joomla Users

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Showing Different Content to Different Joomla Users

One of our Joomla training members asked this question: “I need to give access to certain login individuals to specific content.”

Now, there are Joomla extensions that will close off different parts of the site to different groups of users, but this member wanted something different. They wanted to drill down much more accurately and show different content to different individual users, even within one article.

To do this you need the “inline ACL Content Plugin” and here’s how you use it.

Install inline ACL Content Plugin

Visit the inline ACL page on Click “Download” to go to the developer’s site and find the file. Download the file to your desktop.

In your Joomla administrator area, go to Extensions >> Plugin Manager and enable the plugin.

Different Content to Different Joomla Users

In order to test out the inline ACL plugin, I went to Site >> User Manager and create three different users. Take note of their username and also…

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