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sigplus Image Gallery Plus

sigplus Image Gallery Plussigplus Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way of adding pop-up image galleries to an article with a simple syntax.

The plug-in supports image types .jpg, .png and .gif with multiple galleries per content item, generates thumbnails with automatic centering and resampling, allows tagging images with multilingual captions and more verbose descriptions. It incorporates a slider to display a fixed number of images per page when there are many images in a gallery.

The plug-in has built-in support for the excellent Slimbox and prettyPhoto lightbox pop-up as well as the EasySlider and prettyGallery image slider engines, and features an architecture that is easily extended with additional lightbox and image slider engines.

sigplus Image Gallery Plus has all features included without requiring commercial upgrades or paid club membership.

Posted: 2010-03-13 15:56:14

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