SilverStripe – Open Source Content Management System

SilverStripe – Open Source Content Management System

silverstripe.jpgSilverStripe is a content management system (CMS) that makes content operations easier for website editors. This fast, flexible open source CMS recently won the award for Most Promising Open Source CMS in the 2008 PacktPub Open Source CMS Awards and the Best Open Source Software Project in the 2008 New Zealand Open Source Awards. Editing website content is a breeze with the open source SilverStripe CMS.

The SilverStripe CMS must be installed on a shared hosting account or dedicated server. If you do not have one, the SilverStripe website provides links and instructions in their Knowledge Base to run a simple webserver on your own computer. The installation page gives you streamlined instructions to get up and running with SilverStripe.

When you have SilverStripe installed, log into the CMS to change the design and customize everything to suit your unique needs. The simplest way to change the look of your site is to just download a new theme. If you want to create your own design, you have to edit the .ss template files of an existing theme. SilverStripe offers 2 tutorials including building a basic site and extending a basic site so you can make the theme your very own.

Do you want to add forms to your website? Whether you want to gather information, create memberships or place orders, you can easily add forms to SilverStripe. Build web forms that do a variety of different things including a simple email or data collection form. Install the User Forms module to get the option in the create page drop down for a “User Defined Form”. Create sophisticated forms for a truly interactive website.

If you need help, find a bug or want to communication about a problem, SilverStripe has an online forum. Ask the community for help to find out if you’re dealing with a bug or just have a configuration error. When users find a genuine bug, it is posted to the Bug Tracker to keep everyone apprised. You can also use the forum to post a job request to have a website built or you can discuss your website project directly with SilverStripe.

Besides these options, there are a wealth of help resources available for SilverStripe. You are never left confused or alone when you need help. The IRC Channel is another place to visit and ask for advice. User Help is always there when you need to search for assistance. Subscribe to the Changelog RSS feed for latest news and review the roadmap for the SilverStripe framework.

Get involved with the Core Developers Discussion on Google Groups. Check out the Release Announcements Google Group for the latest new SilverStripe releases of core code and modules. API and Advanced Developer Tools speak to experts in a language they understand. When in doubt, you can pay for developers, mentoring or telephone support to help achieve your goals.

While SilverStripe CMS is designed for people who edit websites, there is also an open source framework to help web developers. Sapphire is a way to build powerful websites with an open source platform . From novices to pros, SilverStripe make organizing content easier.


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