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Simple ACL

SimpleACL for Joomla! is a simple Access Control List component that helps to restrict front-end access to particular sections.

ACLs can be created for individual users or for a whole Joomla group (registered, author, editor, publisher or manager). You can specify what actions (insert, read, update) a user (or a Joomla group) can do on the articles belonging to a Joomla section. There is also limited menu integration: users will only see menu items pointing to articles they have access to.

A global configuration parameter of the component allows you to specify the default ACL policy in terms of individual actions (insert, read, update), this way you can use Simple ACL for both “mostly private” or “mostly public” websites.

The component is very easy to use and can be installed or remove without changing the core files or DB tables of Joomla (hack-free solution).

Simple ACL for Joomla 1.5 is “free” as in “speech” but not as in “beer”, it is only available in bundle with commercial professional paid support, while the lincense remains a free software licence: AGPL V.3