SlideShow Pro

SlideShow Pro

SlideShow ProThis Joomla! 1.5 native module supports multi-language.

There are two layouts: Horizontal and Vertical Module class suffix, width, height, background color, image folder, titles, urls, slideshow speed, spaces, times, and etc. can be specified.

For external image source: <ext>another/directory/image.ext (for the same domain) or <ext>http://sitename/folder/image.ext (for another domain)

Fade-in and Carousel layouts are removed. If you want to use this layouts, you can use our new powerful slideshow module JT SlideShow.

v1.8 Changelog:
* A new parameter for link target attribitue was added.
* A new parameter and some codes were added to open all image files in the folder.
* Image height and width parameters and codes were added.
* <ext> tag can be added before image names for external resources.
* CSS styles were embedded
* Module was re-written for more stability and security
* Size, borders and styles were re-orginized.
* Language strings were updated due to changes.

We’re workign on (for new version):
* Multiply slideshow
* Removing brake on vertical slideshow

For JT SlideShow:


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