SERVER MIGRATION: cpanel5 to cpanel11

  • Tuesday, 8th May, 2012
  • 18:00pm

UPDATE 5/13/2012 - 9:00pm - MIGRATION COMPLETE

Migration has been completed


UPDATE 5/10/2012 12:30pm - MIGRATION 50% COMPLETE

Migration is 50% complete and still in progress. An easy way to check to see if your site has been moved already is to visit and see which server it redirects you to. Replace with your actual domain name. If you see it redirect you to then your domain is pointing to the new server already.

If you are having any email problems try using just your domain name or as the incoming and outgoing mailserver.


05/08/2012 6:00pm

We are moving all hosting accounts oncpanel5.primary001.netto our new server to improve reliability and performance. The new server is 5-6 times more powerful than the old server.

OLD SERVER: cpanel5.primary001.net96.31.84.38
NEW SERVER: cpanel11.primary001.net63.247.73.122

You should not see any major downtime for your site(s). You may see periodic downtime during the time in which we are performing the migrations since they can cause a higher load than normal.The old nameservers will still work on your domains so no changes need to be made.

If your site uses nameservers other than ours you will need to update the DNS records on your DNS server. Change all instances of96.31.84.38 to63.247.73.122. If your account with us has a Dedicated IP you will need to use that IP in your DNS Records. If you have a Dedicated IP it can be found at in the left column under Dedicated IP Address.

We're going to start on the migrations this evening. It should take 48-72 hours to complete. We will continue to monitor the server during the migration process.

If you see any problems with your site(s) orhave any questions/concerns about the move,pleaseopen a support ticket so we can take a look and address the issue.

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