Atlanta Data Center Outage

  • Monday, 16th March, 2015
  • 22:55pm

There was a major outage with the data center some of our servers are at. All services are back online and your site should be responding normally. This occurred only at their Atlanta location. We continued to follow up since the start of the outage but the communication from the data center was almost non-existent. They posted updates on their Twitter feed at which were not very helpful. They never gave us an ETA of when things would be fixed nor did they inform us of the cause of the problem.

They claim this was a scheduled maintenance for network upgrades but we were never informed of it. We were informed of scheduled maintenance that was going to occur next Sunday evening but would only be 1-2 hours.

During the outage we posted updates, when we received any, at:


Our email was down for a portion of the outage but is back online.

Here are alternative email addresses you can contact us in the future if you have problems emailing us or getting to our site:

We are looking into moving some of our servers to a previous provider we used in the past in the comings week(s). We cannot risk the incompetency of the current provider any longer. We rarely had major problems with this provider but after seeing how they dealt with this disaster we cannot risk any further downtime of our services.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please email or open a support ticket if you continue to have any problems with your site.

-Dave Tanguay

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