New Reseller Hosting Pricing

  • Sunday, 12th February, 2023
  • 10:25am

This notice is to inform you of changes being made to our Reseller Hosting plans. Throughout the last 25 years we have been in business we have tried to keep our prices the same and have only slightly increased pricing once on our reseller plans. Due to forever increasing server/operating costs and a significant increase in the resources a website requires nowadays, compared to decades ago, we have had to increase the cost of our reseller plans as follows:

BASIC $408/year of $35/month
STARTER $528/year or $45/month
PREMIUM $648/year or $55/month
PRO $1248/year or $105/month

BASIC $540/year of $44/month
STARTER $600/year or $54/month
PREMIUM $900/year or $77/month
PRO $1800/year or $154/month

We are also doing away with our BASIC RESELLER PLAN. If you are currently signed up for that plan you can keep the plan active at this time. We are just no longer taking on new customers with our BASIC RESELLER PLAN nor can higher plans downgrade to that BASIC plan anymore.

Changes will take affect on your next billing cycle.

Thank you for your understanding with these changes and please contact us if any questions.


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