Teamspeak Viewer Module

Teamspeak Viewer Module

This module renders teamspeak client like information over your Teamspeak server. Teamspeak is a widely distributed VoIP solution using a server-client architecture.
The module displays basic and extended information about your server such as channels configured and users online. Extended informations are displayed as tool tips. The module can be configured to hide specific channels generally and currently online players.
Using a javascript driven menu like structure when displaying the Server the module doesn’t take too much place even if many channels exist. Initially collapsed channel sections can be configured.
An additional feature is the generation of links to either the server or speciffic channels. The optional entry of a server password and the simple configuration whom to show links can be used to let only registred users access the server.

The informations from the server are read using the TeamSpeak telnet feature. An optional cache can be used to reduce the querys made to the TeamSpeak server. For that the tcp query port of the server must be known, an admin account is not needed.


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